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I love to spread the JOY of Healing and Relaxation through massage and bodywork, because everyBODY deserves to feel GREAT!

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a wonderful aid for relaxation and healing. Every BODY deserves massage.
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Joy Thompson has been massaging professionally since 1999 and received her HHP in 2002.

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Re-do your first aid kit or medicine cabinet

Did you want to revamp your medicine cabinet or first-aid kit? For myself, I have a few must-haves that I recommend to have on hand for those “just in case” occasions that happen… On Guard protective blend essential oil: great for eliminating and controlling pathogens due to the potency of its constituents. This blend can be diffused to eliminate airborne pathogens. Dilute and rub on pulse points of the extremities, or on neck or behind ears for sore throat or earache. Melaleuca essential oil: this oil has cleansing and regenerative properties; this oil is considered to be anti-fungal, disinfectant, and good for flus and colds. Oregano essential oil: this oil is high in antioxidant activity and contains phenolic acids and flavonoids. This is considered a “hot” oil and should be diluted. Lavender essential oil: calms and relaxes. good for burns and bug bites. Each 15ml bottle contains about 250 drops of essential oil. For purchase of oils: Colloidal Silver: I purchase mine at Sprouts or Jimbo’s. Arnica Montana homeopathic pellets:for muscle pain/soreness, muscle bruising Hypericum homeopathic pellets: for nerve pain, nerve injury Congaplex from Standard Process: feeds the immune system and in the kitchen: Vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc for immune support I hope this helps if you are planning on adding or redoing your first-aid kit or medicine cabinet. Blessings and Health!... read more

Headache Self-help

When you have a headache, instead of reaching directly for an OTC aid, try the following: 1) Drink a glass or two of water. Dehydration can play a big role in headaches. Coffee, alcohol, or sugary drinks can dehydrate us… 2) Eat a handful of almonds (unless you’re allergic or find that almonds are a trigger-food for a migraine; if so, skip this suggestion.) Almonds can act as a pain reliever because they contain a compound called salicin which is an ingredient in some of the popular over-the-counter medicines. 3) Take a few deep belly-breaths. Breathing by filling up your diaphragm, and completely filling up the lungs can get some extra oxygen circulating in your blood. 4) If you have some pure peppermint essential oil. rub a drop into your temples, forehead, and into hairline. *do not get too close to your eyes, and DO NOT rub your eyes with peppermint-coated fingers!* To purchase pure essential peppermint oil which can be taken internally:  If your essential oil is pure enough to be taken internally, put a drop under your tongue and/or on the roof of your mouth. 5) Pinch your fingertips. there are reflexology points for the head and face on your hands and feet. Using one hand, pinch the webs and fingertips of the opposite hand. 6) Stretch! Gentle and slow neck rotations, shoulder shrugs, and neck isometrics (press palm into forehead and hold. press hand on each side of head and hold)…Hold each stretch for 5 seconds, relax for 5 seconds, and repeat 3 to 5 times. 7) Massage!! Massage can ease the pain of a headache or... read more

Cold and Flu Season

Our immune systems are amazing and the more I learn, the more I am in awe of it. It works optimally when we feed and nurture it healthfully; it takes care of us, as we take care of it. Recently there was a photo going around on the internet that educates on this topic: “The flu is NOT a season! It is an inability to adapt due to decreased sun exposure and water intake, combined with increased sugar intake and stress. Create resistance! Create health!” Then I stumbled across this article and it fit the “season.” I have a couple of the supplements and remedies mentioned at my office for sale while supplies last.   Battling the Cold and Flu Season, Naturally Seven top tips for fighting the common cold, flu, and staying healthy By Dr. Doni Wilson (taken from The Life Connection, December 2014 Let’s start with prevention: TIP 1: Avoid sugar and alcohol Two top enemies to an invincible immune system are sugar and alcohol. Dr. Doni recommends avoiding or minimizing sugar and alcohol consumption, as they both lower your ability to fight off viruses. Even just 8 tablespoons of sugar (as in 2 cans of soda), or fructose (such as in honey or ½ cup of orange juice) can lower your immune function for five hours after you consume it. That is because sugar inhibits the white blood cells that fight off bacteria, leaving you vulnerable to infections. A similar thing happens with alcohol. When you drink three or more alcoholic drinks (wine, beer, or liquor), your white blood cells are weaker and have a harder... read more

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“I have traveled different places in Asia (including China) and have gotten massages in most of them — Joy’s massage techniques are equal to or tops them all!”
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