Headache Self-help

Headache Self-help

When you have a headache, instead of reaching directly for an OTC aid, try the following:
1) Drink a glass or two of water. Dehydration can play a big role in headaches. Coffee, alcohol, or sugary drinks can dehydrate us…
2) Eat a handful of almonds (unless you’re allergic or find that almonds are a trigger-food for a migraine; if so, skip this suggestion.) Almonds can act as a pain reliever because they contain a compound called salicin which is an ingredient in some of the popular over-the-counter medicines.
3) Take a few deep belly-breaths. Breathing by filling up your diaphragm, and completely filling up the lungs can get some extra oxygen circulating in your blood.
4) If you have some pure peppermint essential oil. rub a drop into your temples, forehead, and into hairline. *do not get too close to your eyes, and DO NOT rub your eyes with peppermint-coated fingers!* To purchase pure essential peppermint oil which can be taken internally: www.mydoterra.com/joyfulhands  If your essential oil is pure enough to be taken internally, put a drop under your tongue and/or on the roof of your mouth.
5) Pinch your fingertips. there are reflexology points for the head and face on your hands and feet. Using one hand, pinch the webs and fingertips of the opposite hand.

6) Stretch! Gentle and slow neck rotations, shoulder shrugs, and neck isometrics (press palm into forehead and hold. press hand on each side of head and hold)…Hold each stretch for 5 seconds, relax for 5 seconds, and repeat 3 to 5 times.

7) Massage!! Massage can ease the pain of a headache or migraine by increasing circulation, decreasing tension, and relaxing the body in general.  If you get headaches on a regular basis, consider prescheduling a few appointments weekly/biweekly/monthly (depending on the severity and how often they occur) for a time…this will help to retrain your body to remember what it is to relax.

Try these suggestions next time you get a headache…and let me know how they worked for you!

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