Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to take off all my clothes?
No. You undress only to your comfort level. It is more important that you are comfortable (rather than naked) so you are able to relax more fully.
There are modalities like Shiatsu and Thai that are done fully clothed.
However, for all other massages please note that you are always under the top sheet and that only the body part that the therapist is working on is uncovered. After the massage therapy is completed for that area, the sheet is re-draped to cover you back up.
Q: Should I shower before I arrive for the massage?
That depends. A shower before the massage appointment would be appropriate if you were doing something to make you dirty and/or stinky. For example, making mud pies, building dirt or sand castles, or doing hard physical labor where your body would be sweating heavily (or things of that nature) – all these would be conducive to showering before your appointment.
If you had just worked out and were perspiring a little, a shower would be optional. New sweat is clean and unscented. If you were lying on my table, I would just wipe off the perspiration before the massage therapy.
Q: Can I eat before my massage?

Yes. But eat lightly immediately before the appointment. A full stomach can make it extremely uncomfortable to lie on your belly (face-down position).

Q: Do I have to drink water after my massage therapy?

Yes. Massage therapy helps your body release toxins into the blood stream. Water aids in the filtering out and release of these from the body.

Water helps us hydrate, heal, and filter.

Q: How much water do I have to drink?

Half your body weight in ounces. This means that a person weighing 150 pounds should drink 75 ounces of water a day. And after a massage, a person should drink an extra glass or two.

Q: Do you do out-call appointments?

Occasionally. There is a 1-hour minimum. And a minimum of $40 will be added for travel within a 15 mile radius.

Q: Do you accept/bill insurance?


I will accept payment via check or card from your HSA/FSA/MSA. I will give you a receipt for your records or for reimbursement. Most insurances require that you get a prescription from your PCP or referring physician. Bring me a copy of the prescription.

Q: Are discounts available?


  1. There is a regularly scheduled appointment discount. So the more often you come in, the more you will save. For example, the price for one-hour in-office is $125 but come in every other month and save 15%; schedule every month and save 20%; come in weekly and save 25%. There is a similar savings for half-hour, one-and-a-half-hour, and two-hour sessions. Please see the price grid.
  2. Bulk-purchase discount: Pre-purchase 6 hours and get the weekly-appointment discount. These pre-paid massages can be used at any time during the year.
  3. Referral Program: Each and every time a referral writes your name on their intake form, you get 30% off your next session!
  4. If you have an injury or condition that requires multiple sessions of massage therapy in a week, then the prices are as follows: $35/30 min. $65/60min. $95/90 min.