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I love to spread the JOY of Healing and Relaxation through massage and bodywork, because everyBODY deserves to feel GREAT!

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a wonderful aid for relaxation and healing. Every BODY deserves massage.
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What to expect for your next massage. Healthy living information. Frequently asked questions.

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About Joy

Joy Thompson has been massaging professionally since 1999 and received her HHP in 2002.

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Kale is good for us. We’re supposed to eat it for our health. And in the past few years I have learned that the ingredients used with kale will determine whether or not I like what I’m eating… I now add it to my coleslaw recipe. Kale chopped small... read more


I have been challenged recently to chew each bite of my food for a minimum of 20 chews. This has been nearly impossible for me! I don’t even realize how quickly I eat and seem to chew only a few times each mouthful. Chewing is the first step in the digestive... read more

Pregnancy Massage I am in awe of the body and what amazing miracles we are. Never more so than when I am honored to massage a pregnant woman. I tease that this is the only way I have figured out how to massage more than one person at a time on my table. Sometimes... read more

What People are Saying about Joyful Hands

“I have traveled different places in Asia (including China) and have gotten massages in most of them — Joy’s massage techniques are equal to or tops them all!”
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